The Next Generation

Abby Stalvey and Gary McCollum, the owners of the firm, represent the next generation of leadership for the company.

As the youngest daughter of Calvin and Linda, Abby Stalvey has been an integral part of Cal-Tech since 2001. Over her 23-year career, she has engaged in and learned from every level of the business. Her journey began as a teen in the late 80's acquiring hands-on experience in the lab and field with technical services like packing proctors and LBR's by hand, learning proficiencies in concrete sampling and nuclear gauge density testing. She came on full-time in 2001 as an administrative assistant which led her to being President (51% owner) and DBE of the company.

In her tenure with the company, she has grown to take on more senior level duties such as navigating the complexities of contract management, compliance, critical administrative duties, payroll, and accounting.

Her path reached a significant milestone in 2023 when she, along with her Uncle Gary, acquired the company. Her growth throughout the company has embodied the company morals: "Grow Sustainably, and Stay Rooted in Business."

Gary has a longstanding relationship with the company, having been the first employee of the firm in 1980. As the younger brother of Linda, he has always looked up to Calvin as a father figure and has been an integral part of the company's growth and success. With his deep understanding of the company's culture and values, Gary is well positioned to continue the legacy and traditions established by Calvin in how to run the business.

Together, Abby and Gary represent the perfect combination of experience, expertise, and passion needed to take the company to new heights. As they embark on this exciting new journey, they are committed to upholding the company's values, maintaining its reputation for excellence, and ensuring its continued growth and success for many years to come.

The Next Generation
Our Founding

Cal-Tech Testing, Inc. was established as an engineering and construction materials testing firm in 1980 by Calvin and Linda Creamer and is headquartered in Lake City, Florida. The firm has followed the philosophy of delivering quality service in a timely manner based on state-of-the-industry field testing and data gathering techniques. The company has developed by following the philosophy of maintaining orderly growth through a stable base of repeat clientele. This philosophy has enabled the company to grow in a financially stable, low-debt environment. Over the last several years, the firm has grown in size and expertise with additional engineering and field services to meet the highly specialized needs of the construction, engineering and environmental marketplace.

Founders Calvin & Linda Creamer