Material Testing Services

Cal-Tech Testing, Inc. has provided construction material testing services to the construction industry since 1980. We are actively involved in Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) projects throughout North Florida. Our personnel are certified by FDOT, ACI, CMEC and other appropriate agencies and are familiar with construction techniques and procedures.

Our Construction Materials Testing Laboratories are equipped to perform most soils, concrete, aggregate and asphalt testing on a volume basis to help minimize turn-around time. We have:

  • Automatic compaction hammers for Standard and Modified Proctor Compaction tests
  • Automatic LBR presses
  • Soil Test CBR & LBR Manual Presses
  • Large instrumented moisture rooms for curing concrete specimens
  • Hydraulic presses for concrete compressive and flexural strength testing
  • Los Angeles Abrasion device
  • Marshall Stability Testing equipment and various sieves, shakers, ovens, and scales

Our facility is equipped with the latest, state of the art equipment for Superpave asphalt mix designs, recognized as the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) method - equipment for this includes:

  • Gyratory Compactor
  • Troxler 4155 Asphalt Quality Analyzer
  • 4155 Processor
  • Aging ovens, scales, mixers, and molds

Our labs are accredited by the Construction Materials Engineering Council, Inc. (CMEC), Florida Department of Transportation and Georgia Department of Transportation. Our laboratory has been found to exemplify the qualities of professionalism and superior standards. Cal-Tech operates five mobile coring rigs for sampling in-place asphalt pavement and concrete. Our laboratory technicians are well trained to efficiently perform the various test procedures in accordance with FDOT, ASTM and AASHTO and other widely accepted standards.

Our inspectors and technicians have completed a thorough training program which includes both internal training and external certification processes. They are supplemented with a fleet of trucks and a selection of testing equipment to support their assigned tasks. The inspection staff is a reliable and resourceful group who can recognize potential problems and respond accordingly. We focus on detail and established procedures to eliminate errors before they happen. This results in the highest level of reliability and confidence that you as a valued client expect and deserve from a professional service organization. Individual resumes and certifications can be provided upon request.

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Cal-Tech maintains fully operational drill rigs for performance of: Standard Penetration Test Borings, Auger Borings, Rock Coring and Monitoring Well Installation. We also perform Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, Static Cone Penetrometer and Foundation Evaluation, Design and Recommendation. Other tests include Field Permeabilities, Double-Ring Infiltrometer, Consolidations and many more.

Our Drilling Department maintains truck mounted and ATV drill rigs along with tripod rigs for limited access sites.

Our rigs are capable of performing monitor well installations, auger borings and Standard Penetration Test Borings for geotechnical evaluation and exploration.

Cal-Tech geotechnical engineers have performed hundreds of sub-surface explorations and geotechnical-related construction projects involving various types of structures in the South East. Our engineers backgrounds include evaluation and design of shallow and deep foundation systems, pavement sections, reinforced/un reinforced retaining earth structures, inspection, testing and monitoring of earth work operations.

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Tests performed in our concrete laboratories includes:

  • Concrete designs
  • Compressive strength for cylinders
  • Grout mortar strength
  • Flexural strength-beams
  • Organic impurities for concrete sand

Field Testing and Monitoring includes:

  • Slump Loss Monitoring
  • Air content
  • Unit weight
  • Testing drilled cores
  • Swiss hammer
  • Windsor probe
  • Quality control for concrete batch plants
  • Pre-stress inspection
  • Drill shaft slurry test
  • In-Place Concrete Evaluation

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Cal-Tech operates a full asphalt laboratory to perform:

  • Superpave and marshall asphalt mix designs
  • Asphalt Plant Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Asphalt Roadway Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Marshall Stability
  • Extraction Analysis
  • Maximum Specific Gravity
  • Core Density
  • In-Place Backscatter Density
  • Core Drilling
  • Core Permeability
  • Pavement Evaluations
  • Asphalt Cement Viscosity
  • Fine Aggregate Angularity
  • Flat Elongated Particle Analysis
  • and many more

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Soils and Aggregate

Density/compaction tests (nuclear, drive sleeve, and sand cone methods), moisture density relationship (Proctor), LBR, CBR, FBV, limerock mine Q.C., gradations, particle size/hydrometer, Los Angeles abrasions, specific gravity, absorption, soil cement designs, Atterberg limits, organics, pH, permeability (fallen and constant heads), Calcium Carbonate, Sodium sulfate, Magnesium soundness, and many more.

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Cal-Tech prides itself as being a leader in the construction materials testing and inspection of Federal Aviation Administration projects across the Southeast, the Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands. Cal-Tech routinely performs Resident Inspection, Quality Control and Quality Assurance Inspection, P-401 Asphalt Mix Design, Runway Pre-Design Inspection, and Runway Pavement Evaluation.

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Construction Engineering Inspection

CTI provides experienced inspectors for FDOT projects. Our inspectors are certified and qualified in all aspects of roadway and bridge construction.

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